Need a method to get a method?

Ziony Zevit in Religions of Ancient Israel writes,

In history writing of any kind, the choice of method is fundamental, because to a large degree it determines the outcome of the inquiry. Where you arrive depends not only upon where you think you’re going, but also upon how you decide to get there. (page 8)


But how do you decide on method? Or, how do you decide on … how you decide to get there? What method will you use to find the correct method? Where does the inquiry really begin?


When love

When fear and dread are gaining victory, when tears are drowning the smiles of your soul, when hate squeezes the last drop of good out of it all, when hope is lost beyond the horizon, when everything is getting dimmer and dimmer by the second, when love itself is dead and dying more than it ever has seemed – that is when love is most important. Love on.