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New left coming

I talked to a socialist yesterday. He ran a club at a university, sitting at a table full of communist and socialist literature.

Socialism is coming. The next generation of youth are predicted to trample both Reagan conservative ideology and the Clintonian one.

We like socialism. But will it work? I asked him if socialism happens within a democracy. He said yes. I asked him if it would work in American government, and he said no. So for socialism to work in the US, the Constitution and whole government should be changed? He didn’t know. Maybe. Right now, they just are trying to unite labor.

There would have to be massive social change and upheaval for socialism to happen in America. Conservatives will say that Dems are socialists – they’re really not. But some are. And more will be if the prediction of the “new left” is correct.

The question is, are socialists also relativists, or moral absolutists. I could say that socialism works well in Europe, but not in America.If they are absolute, they will certainly want this perfect socialist model in America too.

But no. That can’t happen. We need those socialists, this vocal minority to make everyone else realize what kind of government we have, and the ideal government our system should be. They keep things honest. But take over? Demolish our hard-won American capitalist-style democracy? That’s going too far.



3 responses to “New left coming

  1. Are you talking about Socialism in the American sense (i.e. far-left) or European sense (centre-left)? I find it often proves confusing, given that in several counties pretty much everyone from Tony Blair to Lenin would call themselves socialists.

    You make a very good point about how ideological diversity can prompt a rethink in the minds of the general public.

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