Vices right and left

Liberal vice is want of power. Conservative vice is want of money.

Bush did stuff. Liberals accuse him, charging that it was all for his oil buddies, big corporations, blah blah blah.

Obama does much the same stuff. Conservatives accuse him, charging it was all for his thirst for power, trying to become a dictator, executive over-reach blah blah blah.

South Africa apartheid. The whites did stuff. They held all the money. The blacks were mad.

Post-apartheid – the blacks did stuff and got the money. The whites are mad.

Both are elitists. Conservatives ode tradition and patriotism and national ancestory: “Every citizen┬ábearing the load for the country, we’ll trade you your money for the security we provide.”
Liberals stir the masses, create class warfare, calling, “redistribute the fat conservatives’ wealth to the people.” Then get in power and become dictatorial, like the Romans, feeding the masses ‘bread and circuses’ in exchange for overlordship.
At least the conservatives admit they’re elitists. Liberals make believe they’re not. They are.
People seem doomed to having terrible leaders, who are out to either get power or money, and get both in the end, while the people starve and hope and scramble.