Snowden blows smoke

This guy’s a traitor to his country. This conclusion is unavoidable when you know the facts. What’s worse is that Snowden makes believe he’s a hero, one that didn’t betray his country at all, “Freedom of information” I’m a “whistle-blower” and all that. 

To hell with excuses. He could have used other means to ‘whistle-blow’ without helping Al Qaeda and harming the reputation of the United States around the world. Obama is right. He’s a hacker, or if not a hacker, a hack.
I can respect a traitor who’s honest that he’s a traitor – but he refuses to own up to it. Snowden is either in la-la land or is a masterful liar. I mean, come-on, he has plenty of ammo – the US is an evil imperialist power, capitalist ideology is ruining the world, etc, etc. But he doesn’t use that logic. He just wants people to like him. He wants to be seen as both a good American and a citizen of the world when he is neither. People-pleasers are a bane to the world. And the US goverment hired one. That was a dumb decision. Where did they get this guy, Hollywood? 

I’ll end by quoting what a comment on the above article said, named “mountainlady”

Edward Snowden is an attention hungry liar and cheat. I think you should all form a little fan club and nominate him for pop star of the year. He has caused his country and his family unnecessary grief and embarrassment. If he really cared about the people of America he would have used channels available in his own country for dealing with suspected over reach of a government agency. He didn’t. He went to the first newspaper willing to print his story and his picture. First England…. they must have gotten tired of him because he moved on and now he’ calling them names as well. Now Germany. I’m sure he gets a nice little check every time he has a new “revelation”. If this is the kind of man American young people want to hero worship…. the country’s future may indeed be in grave danger.