Too angry at WorldVision?

In Christian news, quite a bit of upheaval around WorldVision, a Christian aide organization. They changed their policy to allow those in same-sex relationships to be hired. A bunch of Christians got angry. They reversed their decision. Some other more progressive Christians got angry (angrier?).

I found the progressive reponses appalling. Vicky Beeching called it “truly awful behavior.” Really?
If the tradition of the past 5,500 years of Jewish history and 2,000 years of Christian history universally held to a particular ethic, it should not be dropped lightly – if it is to be dropped, it should at least be done cautiously and respectfully and with understanding of those still holding to a millenia-old religious belief. Calling it “truly awful” is some of the strongest language you can get while still being polite. Others were not so polite, which I won’t quote here.

This virtrol against WorldVision from progressive/liberal Christians is really odd, especially when they’re supposedly all about love and peace and understanding. Even if you think Jesus was okay with gay sex, it doesn’t follow that those who think otherwise are equal to the Pharisees, or slapping Jesus in the face. For all of their “maybes” and “seems” and “dialogue” the the postmodern Christian project is starkly black and white in painting their theological enemies. Funny, for all this accusation of ‘homophobe’ and ‘bigot’ against the traditionalists, the only ones I see hating on gays are Westboro Baptist – a minority of a minority of a minority. These traditionalists sure seem to say “I love homosexuals” quite a lot for being so homophobic. The Christian rapper Bizzle, Rosaria Butterfield, etc. pretty strongly oppose both homosexuality and LBGT politics, but also talk about loving them.

The real tragedy is the liberal betryal of liberal thought. What makes liberal thought strong is its high regard for a multiplicty of opinions, pluralism, dialogue, respect for the other. The LGBT movement and its allies are restricting all of these things by their perjorative labeling. I’m sorry, but I would adjust my rhetoric a bit if my opponents keep saying how much they love my kind, despite the fact that they disagree with what makes my kind my kind. Think they’re illogical weirdos, but don’t call them discrimating bigots. Maybe it’s illogical, naive, or stupid to love someone yet think their lifestyle is wrong. But illogical doesn’t equal evil. Seriously, if you think all illogical people are evil… everyone’s evil. And all of us are illogical at some point.

 I don’t think LBGT discrimination is a non-issue, but the hype is artificial relative to the massive discrimination elsewhere – there honestly aren’t many LBGT people on earth. It doesn’t mean that they can’t claim minority status and protection in a secular state, but the imbalance of the supposedly enlightened, liberal humanitarians is, frankly, disgusting: Hundreds of thousands are dying in Syria and we’re concerned that what, perhaps a few dozen gays who would have applied for a job at WorldVision but can’t apply there now? Gee, there aren’t enough other NGOs in America/world that wouldnt hire them? Or other jobs in general? Write a memoir on the American gay experience, they’re selling well these days after all. Assad systematically starves entire cities of people in Syria, drug lords are running roughshod over South America, the homeless are kicked out of US city parks and languishing under substance-adiction, and we’re creating a twitterstorm over this? I can’t compute.

We are witnessing an intellectual failure of progressive thought, at least as exemplified in Christianity, which might act as a sort of baromoter to how liberalism is doing generally. If so, it doesn’t fair well to the earth.